Arlynn Bloom

Artist Statement

  “ Painting affords me the opportunity to express my impressions of the world around me.  I am forever entertained and intrigued by my surroundings- an older woman sleeping on her husband’s shoulder, the abstracted shadows of boats reclining on the dock , the seemingly sensual relationship created by a red pepper softly touching a yellow squash in my kitchen.    My art focuses on a personal interpretation of these relationships and stories.  I am drawn to the challenge of capturing fleeting moments and reinterpreting them to the best of my creative abilities. I want to imagine them again in new ways, and invite my audience to do the same.
    My most recent exploration of acrylic painting and multimedia, is affording me the opportunity to move freely from the representational  into a more abstract direction. There is an additional excitement manipulating additional materials to create a satisfying narrative and painting.  I am really enjoying this highly creative and freeing approach.
   Arlynn Bloom has been a ceramicist and painter for over 25 years.  She paints in watercolor, oil and acrylic.  She was educated at Philadelphia College of Art, Civic Arts in Walnut Creek and also studied for years with Karen Frey.  Arlynn’s paintings have won awards from the Triton Museum, California Watercolor Society and Watercolor West.  Her work is in numerous private and public collections, including the City of Lafayette.  Arlynn lives in Lafayette, California,  and is currently teaching beginning ceramics at her home. She welcomes visitors to her studio.
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